Voting and Nominating a Member


  1. Navigate to the Governance Tab
  2. Click “Vote or Nominate”
  3. Sign in to your Eximchain account wallet using the seed phrase accessible through our mobile app.
  4. Construct your vote (It will now error out/make the button unclickable if your vote is an invalid operation)
    1. Input the address of the member you wish to cast your preference for under "Member Address"
    2. Select the ballot type, either Promotion (if they are a regular member and you want them to become a blockmaker), or Demotion (if they are a blockmaker and you would like someone else to take their place).
    3. Select either for (+) or against (-) under preference.
    4. Input the number of points you wish to vote with, giving weight to your preference. Remember that points scale quadratically in cost.
  5. Click "Next", then adjust gas value according to how fast the speed of the transaction you want it to be.
  6. Click "Sign Transaction" and copy the raw data and/or signed transaction if needed. Then, click “Send Transaction”
  7. Confirm the transaction if the summary is correct, then press "Send".
  8. You will get a success screen if the transaction has been broadcast to our network.
  9. Click on "Check Transaction Status" to view the status of the transaction, you will have to logout of your wallet to do this.


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